Small Business Award 2001

Small Business Award 2001
South El Monte, Ca. Linda A. Holman, President of AIMS, Inc. was Honored June 28th by the Honorable Thomas M. Calderon of the 58th Assembly District of the California Legislature Assembly with the 2001 "OUTSTANDING SMALL BUSINESS AWARD".

Linda Holman founded AIMS, Inc. in 1976, and has built her business around her deep belief system that what we give out to the world we get back, and Linda has been giving of herself to the community. She volunteers her time to so many organizations, such as Mentoring Programs, An Income of Her Own, Womens rights movements. She has been a strong supporter of the local schools speaking to students, encouraging independence and prosperity to young adults, intstilling the message that they have what it takes in them to be successful in anything they want in life.

AIMS was also recognized for their efforts in employing local citizens and offering training and job shadowing programs in the community.

AIMS encourages other small businesses to take part in the local community as well. You can find information on organizations in your area through your local Chamber of Commerce or on the web.

"Small business is the backbone of California's economy, exemplifying the old example that with hard work one has the opportunity to pursue goals and ideas that can lead to success"

Thomas M. Calderon 58th District Assembly